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You may not be aware of it but many home improvements really do not increase the value of the home as much as they end up costing you. If you are considering the sale of your home and want to increase its value there are some home improvement tips that you can do that will actually help increase the value.For example, before showing your home to prospective buyers, de-clutter it; experts claim that this is considered as much as a 970% average return on your investment just by cleaning it. Store items that you do not need in boxes or containers in an attic or basement, or better yet, in a separate storage facility; if need be, have a garage sale prior to having an open house.More home improvements tips that increase the value of your home include making the house brighter; by simply replacing burned out bulbs or bulbs with low wattage, to a higher wattage and keeping your curtains and blinds open during open house you can expect an approximate 855% average return. Another is to make sure that your yard is free from clutter and that your grass is a healthy green. If possible hire a landscaper or gardener to trim everything back; this will gain you an average return of about 420%.Additional home improvement tips include what is called “staging”; purchase some live plants and flowers or other new decorations and placing them around your home. You may also want to get rid of old furniture and large items that take up a lot of room in order to give the area a bigger more open appearance and gives you an average return of 250%.Updating your bathroom and kitchen, nets a return of about 165% and can be accomplished by painting cabinets with a neutral color, replace old and dated fixtures with newer ones. It is also advisable to redo the grout in your sinks, tubs, showers and counter-tops; as well as using fresh caulking where necessary.A few other improvement tips that will increase the value of your home include painting the inside of your house (140% return). Patch all of the holes, cracks or chips and then touch up or repaint with a neutral color. Basically, anything that you can do to outwardly clean up the appearance of something will help to increase your homes value.

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A home is definitely a solid investment and one of the most significant that any individual or family can make. Just like any investments, wise and careful planning are the most vital keys in order to get the most from your investment. When it comes to houses, the current level of your home value will gauge and give you an indication as to where you are right now in this particular investment.Whether you plan on selling the home at a pre-determined point in the future, or content in living out and getting the most out of your home until such time that you have enough resources to get a bigger and much better home, increasing its intrinsic value through home improvements would be a wise move. These include updating certain sections or areas of the home through kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, addition of new rooms, improving your landscape and a whole lot more.Any home improvements would require a certain amount of monetary investments and these would vary depending on the type of project that you will undertake. However, such home improvements can influence you home value positively and you will eventually recoup most of your costs particularly if your will resell your home at a later time. The amount or percentage of recuperation would be different depending on what type of improvements or home renovations you are going to make, and the following will help you get a better understanding in this regard.Factors That Can Influence Your Home ValueWhether you home is located up there in communities in Juneau, Alaska or near the historical landmarks that can be found in Boston, Massachusetts, increasing the home value would be a primary consideration that most homeowners would like to have. You can achieve this increase in your home value through appropriate home improvements that you need to undertake.However, before jumping into a home remodeling project, you should first make certain considerations as to what particular element can bring out the most impact to increasing your home value. On top of that, you should also make considerations on the location and on the market trends in your particular area or locality. It would not be very beneficial to you if you end up spending several thousands of dollars for a particular home renovation project that you will not be able to recuperate due to the difficulty in putting a good and profitable price tag for your home.Home Improvements and their Approximate Return of InvestmentsEach element in your home improvement project would need different levels of capitalization and investment. However, the return of investments from these home improvements would vary differ after you have sold your house. Studies have been made to identify what particular improvement would give the highest return and recuperation of costs.Based on these studies, a kitchen remodeling project would have the highest recuperation at 95 percent. This figure should entice you to focus on improving your kitchen, which in modern homes have transformed drastically from a designated area for cooking into an area where the whole family can converge. Bathroom remodeling projects, a room addition, and the replacement of the roof also produces a high recuperation percentage at 85 to 88 percent and these are areas that homeowners should focus on.